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The Elite Probes Epilation Diathermy Machine is an efficient and professional way of removing blemishes and lesions.  Achieve smooth results on client skin with this short wave diathermy unit. Compact and lightweight, it can be used either with a footswitch or switched needle holder (not included).  


Introducing a newly manufactured needle to the industry for the first time in 40 years, Elite Probes are launching the Spear. With a chamfered end, the needle is strong enough to remove all thick, calloused skin, and especially good for verrucae or warts.


Coming up with an idea for a larger and thicker needle, Gillian Huntley, founder of Elite Probes, designed the F2020. This larger designed probe is over double the size of the F10 and F12.

Electrolysis Needles

The electrolysis needles market has remained unchanged since the 1970s with the introduction of the first single use, sterile needles. The range we offer are F3, F4, F5 and Insulated. Both in F and K Shanks


We are offering a unique service in the light of COVID-19 and the industry’s higher hygiene and safety measures. There is a wide choice of wipeable protective stretch vinyl in different colours to have all your equipment fully fitted and covered.

Our Approach

"I saw a probe which was being used in America and I was inspired; it made me think about the fact that the options we had were not effective enough for the size of the lesions we were having to remove because the NHS doesn’t remove lesions anymore (from about 2 or 3 years ago). Therefore I developed my own probes."

- Gillian Huntley

Elite Probes Founder

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About Gillian
Elite Probes was created and developed by Award Winning Beauty Therapist & Electrologist Gillian Huntley, who, after 35 years in the industry, has been credited and awarded for her precision and professionalism.

With her inspiration, vision, and lifelong ambition, Gillian has now created two unique probes for the professional electrology Industry.

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Gillian is a true professional! I purchase my Elite Spear Probes from her. They are the best available in the UK and make my work and removal of skin blemishes more precise and clean, for quick healing. Thank you for the efficient service.

- Pauline H



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