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“One of my best friends had skin cancer and this made me wonder as to why people got skin cancers despite no sun exposure. I got interested in skin and skin lesions and, from here, diverted my business from beauty treatments to advanced lesion removals and reductions. Over the years, I've found myself becoming busier and busier, and focus my work primarily on lesion removals.


I saw a probe which was being used in America and I was inspired; it made me think about the fact that the options we had were not effective enough for the size of the lesions we were having to remove because the NHS doesn’t remove lesions anymore (from about 2 or 3 years ago). Therefore I developed my own probes.”

- Gillian Huntley, Elite Probes Director

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We offer round the clock, full backup support for both our existing and potential customers via our contact details, to help and reassure you every step of the way.

Our priority of customer focus drives us to deliver on time, on cost, and to the highest standard of quality possible

We hold sustainability at our core, using environmentally-friendly packaging for all our products to minimise our impact on the environment

All our products are manufactured here in the UK using the finest raw materials. Orders undergo quality control checks before being sent out to you.


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Sonay Ibrahim 

Website Designer 

With an eye for design, Sonay is passionate about the work he does here at Elite Probes. He prides himself with the intricate details involved in graphic and web design.

Gillian Huntley

Founder &

Aesthetic Director

Multi-award-winning therapist and electrologist Gillian Huntley is the founder of Elite Probes and Appearances Aesthetics.
Gill provides a wealth of knowledge with over 35 years' experience of highly qualified specialist treatments. With her inspiration, vision, and lifelong ambition, Gillian has now created two unique probes for the professional electrology industry..

Karis Atkinson 

Business Manger

Karis, power house of Elite Probes, with over 5 years working in the industry and alongside Gill. Karis deals with all customer enquiries and administration.



Gillian is so knowledgeable and goes the extra mile. I am delighted with her new needles which have significantly reduced swelling and redness after treatment.

- MW


Gillian is a true professional! I purchase my Elite Spear Probes from her. They are the best available in the UK and make my work and removal of skin blemishes more precise and clean, for quick healing. Thank you for the efficient service.

- Pauline H


Gillian and her team are all very professional we felt very safe. She used her new probes and I'm so happy it's now gone without any scars or marking. Thank you.

- Marzena K-T

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